Hi, I'm Aleia

I am a Frontend Designer & Developer who believes responsive is best. I thrive on shipping MVPs and iterating until that project is phenomenal. When I'm not working I'm reading about trends (aka about work) or coding up a side project. My heart can be won with reggae and/or rum-both of which fuel planning processes of my newest ventures.

I was born in South Florida but grew up outside of Atlanta. I'm allergic to cold so I returned to South Florida to get closer to my roots and things close to me heart. Like ocean breezes and Miami road rage.

I am old school. I always have pen and paper nearby for doodling, listmaking, or getting an article started. I still draft a lot of posts by hand and use Sapphire (my computer has a name) for editing.

A fun fact: I'm not a morning person. I don't do words well before 9a.m. It's a true sign of love when you understand my a.m. grunts. After my morning cup of English Breakfast or Earl Grey (gasp! she drinks tea instead of coffee) I am a new person!