There you are right now, sitting in cubicle-hell wondering how you get here.

You're a creative stuck shuffling papers and answering phones. But you know there is more. You have a profitable passion but don't know where to get started taking it full-time.

You're working in a bubble without a support system and are realizing just how hard it is to learn all the things and start a freelance business.

And you're ready to ask for help.

What if this was your life...

  • Work that makes you happy and money.
  • The permission to work from coffee shop or cabana.
  • Calling Mondays, Mon-yays.

It's possible, with the Freelance Plan you will get...

  • Four 1-on-1 60 minute video calls
  • Weekly to-do lists and check-ins.
  • A written action plan to guide you towards making your freelance goals a reality. The plan works through 4 key modules (1)Finding your freelance niche, (2)What to learn next, (3)Build your portfolio, and (4)Market yourself.
  • Eight weeks of email support from a full-time freelancer who already quit her full-time job and is now location independent.
  • First access to paid resource guides.
  • A kick in the butt to make your freelance business a priority.

The first three to purchase will also receive...

  • One extra 60-minute video call. ($249 value)
  • Two additional weeks of email support. ($99 value)
  • Lock-in early bird pricing. ($199 value)

A little about Aleia

Hi, i'm Aleia Walker a Freelance Web Developer and mentor to freelancers.

Three years ago I started a job as an unhappy corporate drone. I immediately knew that something needed to change, so I started looking for skills that would let me quit my full-time job and work on my own terms.

I tested out a few side hustles before settling on web development! It wasn't an easy journey and I did not have limitless funds or time - so I made sure I could learn and apply a lot with a little by only investing in meaningful strategies.

Six months after starting to learn new skills, I started freelancing. And a year later, I quit my full-time job. And I feel like I provide value to someone every damn day.

Three months after quitting my day job, I doubled my income. And I'll triple it by the one year mark.

I’m not a unicorn or a fairy or some other mythical creature who is the only one who ever experiences these things. You can make this your story.

What happens when I purchase the Freelance Plan?

Shortly after purchase, you will receive an invite to your workspace on Honeybook. There you will receive a copy of our working agreement, a questionnaire for us to find our starting point and your goals, a link to schedule your first call and schedule any additional payments.

I have a few questions before I buy, how can I get in contact with you?

Ask away! You can shoot me an email or schedule a phone call.

How often will the 1-on-1 calls happen and how will the calls take place?

The calls will take place via video chat and will occur every other week. You'll schedule the first appointment on your own and then we will schedule reoccuring appointments together.

Do I think you you'll quit your day job after two months of working with me?

The short answer is no. The Freelance Plan is designed to be a kick in the butt to get you moving. After two months you'll understand your business strengths and weaknesses and have an action plan to work with moving forward until you can quit your day job.

Have questions before you commit? Hop over to my calendar and let's chat!

Aleia! I need to tell you, your newsletters freakin speak to me. They're engaging and make me want to click that link to chat with you. And as someone who's totally in your target (wanting to leave the 9-5 hell) - you're nailing it!
-Joyce, Newsletter Subscriber

This is literally EXACTLY what I needed to lay it all out, and focus on a particular number each month.
-Jenny, Former Student

Every time you speak I think what a natural communicator you are! I see why you excel at helping people - you manage to be soothing AND invigorating to listen to at the same time!
-Lindsay, Small Business Owner

Aleia, thank you so much for this. You're a beast and I want you to know how helpful you've been - we're lucky to have you in this community.
-Melissa, Former Student

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